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Should I Worry About Raw Honey Crystallization

Remember when you forgot a honey jar in the pantry and came back to it having little crystals like sugar in it? Then you threw the whole jar away because of the old saying: “If your honey crystallizes, it is not pure honey.” That’s entirely false! Raw, unaltered honey will crystallize sooner or later. All raw honey will and that’s a good thing.

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Tips on Controlling Your Sweet Tooth

Do you ever get the uncontrollable urge to eat something sweet and sugary right after a meal or randomly during the day? This a common occurrence, very easily explained. You can also control it by changing your attitude towards sugar, salt, and food in general. Your body is a temple and it deserves care. How can you regulate your cravings? Here’s an expert opinion.

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Summer Self-Care with Raw Honey

Summer is finally here! All the fun you’ve dreamt of during the year can finally come true. Yet, beware of post-sunshine and post-swimming effects. Some everyday creativity with raw honey and items you can find in your kitchen can go a long way in helping you maintain beautiful hair, skin, and body all throughout summer. Let’s find out how.

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How Lebanese beekeepers are saving biodiversity

Lebanon, 10,452 km² of unparalleled gastronomy, nightlife, culture, sports and activities, sightseeing, history and nature. A beautiful country destroyed piece by piece by corruption, eating away at our nature and renowned landscapes. It puts a damp on all the good work done by beekeepers in reviving lost biodiversity.

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Is it too late to save our planet? Own a beehive

Nature keeps us alive. It provides us with oxygen, water, food, medicine, and materials to build our homes. Melting ice caps, earthquakes, bushfires, locust infestations, and more natural disasters are threatening our planet Earth every day. And it’s our fault. But we can fix it.

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Manuka vs local Raw Honey, which is better?

In this health-conscious day and age, antioxidant-rich food is one of the pillars of a clean diet. That is why you may have heard about the Manuka vs local raw honey debate. So what is the difference between them? And why should you consider buying one and not the other?

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