Apricot Honey Jam

The tangy taste of Chouf apricots and our Tyre orange blossom raw honey create this unique richly intense Apricot raw honey jam. Rich in vitamin A, apricots can help fight anemia and also act as a cell regenerator. Delicious combined with cheeses such as gruyere, it also matches well with dried and fresh fruits. Our Apricot raw honey jam is refreshingly rich in flavor which makes it a family favorite.

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50% apricot , 50% honey

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Made with natural honey and without preservatives or artificial coloring, this original honey candy is for as much for adults as it is for children.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions.

No. Our honey is 100% natural. Our bees have never been fed any unnatural substances (like sugar) throughout their lives.

Some honey contains high fructose levels which lead to a fast crystallization, like nectar honey (for example Citrus Honey). This happens even if the honey does not contain sugar. Other honey richer in glucose crystallizes way slower, like honeydew (for example Oak Honey).

Yes. We take all necessary steps to ensure our honey is free from antibiotic usage and pesticide residue, in partnership with our beekeepers of course.

A richly intense and tangy taste, exclusively from the Chouf’s fresh apricots and Tyre’s orange blossom raw honey.