Rating 5/5

A partnership bursting with vitamin C with rich notes of orange blossom honey, this jam is delicious on toasted bread as well as in dark chocolate cakes.

Ingredients: 50% raspberry , 50% honey
Honey type: Orange Blossom
Fruit: Raspberry
Region: Chouf
Country: Lebanon
Sweetness: 3/5
Intensity: 4/5
Savour it spread on warm toasted bread. You can use it to prepare pies, tiramisus, and dark chocolate cakes.

Raspberry honey jam

The warming flavor of fresh raspberries mixed with the refined taste of our orange blossom honey from Tyre create a bright sweet and sour honey jam. Deliciously rich in vitamin C, raspberries also have one of the highest mineral densities of all fresh fruits. Our Raspberry and Honey Jam is delicious enjoyed on warm toasted bread. It can also be used in pies, cheesecake and dark chocolate cakes.