Mediterranean Honey Nougats

A voyage around our Mediterranean honey nougats trail through our carefully selected combinations.

-Mix of Artisan Honey Nougat x 420g
-Chocolate and Hazelnut White Nougat
-Pistachio and Cardamom White Nougat
-Almonds and Pistachio White Nougat
-Almond and Orange Zest Black Nougat
-Cupidon Black Nougat
-Reusable tin box

We fondly recall days gone by and memories of our grandmother’s repurposing of a biscuit tin as a home for her sewing kit. Today, more than ever, we have learned the value of recycling. Aware of our responsibility to protect the environment, we realize we must all play our role.

Make a conscientious choice while enjoying nature and its benefits through these specially designed L’Atelier du Miel containers – ideal for the perfect honey-themed gift with a myriad of further uses to be discovered.

Made with natural honey and without preservatives or artificial coloring, this original honey candy is for as much for adults as it is for children.

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Weight 0.775 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 5.5 cm

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A healthy treat from the Mediterranean