Chestnut Cevennes

Rating 5/5

With a thick texture and bitter aromatic taste, this chestnut honey pairs perfectly with aged cheeses and hearty meat dishes.

To try with aged cheeses, meat dishes and salads
Sweetness: 2/5
Subtle - Intense: 4/5
Country: France
Altitude: 800
Health Benefits: Rich in trace minerals and iron as well as vitamins B and C, this chestnut honey strengthens the muscles and regulates blood circulation. It relieves fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

At an altitude of 800 meters in the Cévennes – a range of mountains in south-central France – the strong character of this honey is produced as result of the local abundance of chestnut blossom. Much loved by adventurous gourmands, Cévennes rewards those who pair its flavors with aged cheeses, meat dishes and salads.