Clover Laklouk

Rating 5/5

Medium-sweet and delicate with floral notes, the ideal accompaniment at afternoon tea and complementary to cheese, fresh juices and fruits.

The perfect complement to cheese, cold cuts, infusions, fruits and juices
Sweetness: 3/5
Subtle - Intense: 2/5
Country: Lebanon
Altitude: 1600
Health Benefits: Noted to be effective against several pathogens from burn wound infections, our Laklouk honey may also help control low-density lipoprotein (aka ‘bad cholesterol’) and, alongside other treatments, help manage diabetes levels, heal wounds and regulate blood pressure.

At an altitude of 1,600 meters, the clover and wild spring flowers that cover Laklouk’s mountain meadows during May and June favour the production of this delicate honey; a favorite at aperitif or afternoon tea-time.