Thistles Kornet el Sawda

Rating 5/5

Thick, aromatic and zesty, this thistles honey is a winter favorite, especially when paired with pancakes and seasonal fruits or for a sweet breakfast.

Perfectly paired with pancakes and seasonal fruits and for sweet winter breakfasts
Sweetness: 3/5
Subtle - Intense: 4/5
Country: Lebanon
Altitude: 2500
Health Benefits: Excellent antiseptic and bactericide which boosts immunity. It is also noted as helping decongest the respiratory airways and aids activation of the metabolism.

At 2,500 meters, the high wilderness of Bcharre’s Kornet El Sawda provide floral diversity including thistles, eryngo, milk-vetch, honeysuckle and wild summer flowers. The ideal partner with pancakes and fresh fruits, as well as to sweeten winter breakfasts.