Thyme Anfeh

Rating 5/5

A full-flavored honey with nutty and fruity notes. Perfectly paired with strong cheeses and raw nuts, as well as at barbecues and to sweeten teas.

With teas and infusions as well as an accompaniment to barbecues, strong cheeses and raw nuts
Sweetness: 4/5
Subtle - Intense: 4/5
Country: Lebanon
Altitude: 50
Health Benefits: This honey is very popular for its medicinal properties. It is a recognized antiseptic, recommended for the prevention and treatment of infectious respiratory or digestive diseases. It also gives energy and facilitates physical recovery. It also cicatrizes the wounds

The thyme and wild summer flowers of Anfeh’s coastal meadows produce an intense honey that is a winter favorite of the health-focused as well as of tea and coffee lovers.