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Signature Sillage d’Orient

The power of scent lies in its unknowability. You can touch the finest brocade. You can gaze out over a Mediterranean seascape. You can taste a foie gras as it melts in your mouth. But the hit of a heady scent takes you by surprise.


To bottle each Sillage d’Orient fragrance is to capture mystery of scent within.To wear it, is to wield its power.


For some, the power of a perfectly
formed gem lies in its beguiling luster.
Others are drawn in by a brilliant hue.

However a stone speaks to you, it does
so without words. It’s a sensation, a
vibration, an energy that connects
somewhere inside you. Like a soulmate,
intuition binds you to the gem, and the
gem to you.

The Sillage d’Orient Signature Collection is a celebration of this unspoken connection. In each fragrance - as in that special gem - we find a piece of ourselves.

Discover the fragrance that is meant to be, for you.

The Signature Collection by Sillage d’Orient: Perfectly formed. Completely you.

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